Nolte Construction is turning over a new leaf


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Nolte Construction is turning over a new leaf: sustainability, safety and quality

De Goorn – Since the beginning of this year, Nolte Construction has been moving rapidly in a new direction. Whereas in the past the company was mainly involved in storage solutions, it now focuses exclusively on the market for mezzanine floors. A mezzanine floor, or entresol, is the simplest way to create more space within an existing building allowing customers to get the most out of their business premises. Nolte designs, manufactures and installs all mezzanine floors independently. Thanks to a completely renewed R&D department, Nolte is in charge of the entire process. At Nolte, all mezzanine floors or platforms are custom built and can be used in any sector of business.

More sustainable floors thanks to new innovation
“Thanks to improvements in our design and production processes, we can now make the same mezzanine floor using 12% less materials while increasing strength by 10%! It goes without saying that these mezzanine floors are therefore much more environmentally friendly and more attractive to our clients,” says Head of Construction Sander Tol of Nolte Construction. Economising on materials and rethinking their application has led to stronger floors that are also cheaper. “At the moment, we are investing a lot in extra training for our employees. Everyone is motivated and working well together. They are all proud of the great products that we deliver.” Jurgen Koedam, Head of the Business Office, feels it is only natural that Nolte’s mezzanine floors are CE approved. “The fact that there are manufacturers that supply entresols without the CE seal surprises me. It might be a good idea for the ILT (Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate) to check up on stronger companies that do not have CE approval. They are after all authorised to meet out non-compliance penalties and apply administrative coercion.”

New applications for a great future
Nolte is looking to broaden the application of mezzanine floors. Mezzanine floors are perfect for offices, the hospitality industry, showrooms or in sports or fitness clubs. The platforms have a tough look that gives a modern industrial feel to any space. As far as Nolte is concerned, the residential market is a huge untapped resource. Villena: “We’ve calculated that most construction projects can be built up to 40% cheaper through use of our mezzanine floors. I’m surprised that construction has remained so traditional and therefore expensive. We have the wonderful opportunity to inform construction companies about this new prospect.”

Internship opportunities
Nolte Construction has also created three new internship spots.
Nolte is clearly on the road to a brighter future and the order sheets show robust growth.

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